Monday, November 1, 2010


Okay as we know woman are naturally caddie and gossipers.

We think our fans like this because they are always commenting when we post the drama we are going through.


It's very entertaining to them. But not the entertainment that is wanted.

Just know that the attention (energy) that it takes t go back and forth is taking away from your fans wants and needs.

A fan will show you how much it is entertaining to them by doing the following

Ask you questions about the beef.

Reading your post everyday to keep themselves updated with your drama.

Will post comments such as " Don't let that bother you." " You know your better than that." " You already know I'm here if you need a shoulder."

These statements are what you receive and by YOU feeding in and answering these, you are personalizing your relationship with your fan.


1. You don't get paid to entertain when you do it for free. As long as they can get the entertainment from you and still chat it don't matter. Remember you are the product. Stop putting yourself in a situation where your gossip is the product.

2. You will become a regular chick. Your fans will no longer see a you as their fantasy. This is because you will remind them of the caddie shit they got at home. Being the fantasy you are expected to be flawless. You are expected not to have any issues. And if you do. then you are expected to deal with it outside of the eye(fans view.)

3. Your fans are not the only ones watching your behavior. I have been contacted several ties by recruiters for work assignments. They find themselves on my page, they read my bio, they watch my posts, they watch you very close.

Be Warned...

If you are a trouble starter or finisher,You stop a lot of the funds you have coming your way.
Big companies may like your look but cant stand your attitude. Their recruiters will let them know not to work with you.

Its cool if you have your own site. But to have your own site and fans from a larger site will mean much more dollars coming your way.

Just respond when there is a need to be heard. Other than that speak only to your fans. Let them know what you been up to.(As Far As Business Wise)